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Writing is my second career. My first was raising my family. I’m an animal lover and have always had large dogs - mostly German Shepherds and Saint Bernards. One day I hope to rescue a Great White Pyrenees. I don’t care much for insects, however, unless they’re a thing of beauty like a butterfly, or a ladybug! Nature’s glory always makes me marvel, and I consider my garden the best room in the house. Lady of the Roses was written almost entirely outdoors.

I’m married to my college sweetheart, and still admire him as much as I ever did. We live a quiet life, though we travel a good deal, mostly for my research. I can’t write about somewhere I’ve never been, and once is never enough. History is my passion. I stand in awe of those who walked before us and left the world a better place. Often, the times they lived in were so brutal that their era is utterly alien to most of us. I consider this a blessing since many of them knew the horrors of war only too well. Yet they weren’t conquerors, these men whose stories I tell; but heroes, fighting for what was right.

They, and the women who loved them, are my inspiration across the chasm of time. I hope you will read my books and come to know them as I do.

Contact me at historyworthreading (at) gmail (dot) com

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